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Hobie Kayaks

We carry the full line-up of Hobie kayaks (including the Adventure Island and Tandem Island) and offer you a chance to demo these kayaks on Lake Tahoe.  We charge you a rental fee, but you can credit up to 2 days of rental toward the purchase of your kayak.  

Our prices are usually competitive with big-city retailers.

Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak

The Hobie Mirage Sport was designed for youth and adults who are smaller in stature or the six-footer who's looking for an extremely lightweight pedaling kayak. Move the seat forward and adjust the Mirage Drive to accommodate users as small as four feet. Pedal it, paddle it or sail it ? it's the mini-SUV of the Hobie kayak family.

Hobie Mirage Revolution Kayak

The Hobie "Mirage Revolution" Kayak :  Powered by the PatentedMirage Drive system, paddling meets pedaling. The award-winning, single passenger Hobie Mirage Revolution is kayaking, improved. Bringing speed and fun to a river or lake near you.

The Mirage Revolution now comes in an 11 foot ("Revolution 11") and 13 foot ("Revolution 13") version.  

Fishing Kayak

With Hobie's Mirage Drive system, paddling meets pedaling. The single passenger Hobie Mirage Outback SUV is kayak fishing, improved. Bringing speed and fun to a river or lake near you. The Hobie Mirage Outback was designed for hands-free fishing, hunting, photography and other on-the-water activities. The “SUV” version of the Hobie Mirage, the Outback comes with molded-in rod holders, hatches and storage compartments for a dive tank, cooler or bait tank. An optional fishing package includes a cooler and anchor system.

Hobie Mirage Outfitter Kayak

With its innovative design features, building on the success of the Hobie Mirage Outback, the Mirage Outfitter is the kayak everyone has been asking for. Built for two but also perfect for the solo user, the Outfitter was designed so everything you need is precisely where you want it.

Kona Kayak

The new patent pending Hobie Kona is the perfect double: short, lightweight, very stable, and with all the comforts you expect from Hobie. It has plenty of room for cargo, two cup holders, on-hull paddle storage, plus two mesh-covered stowage pockets. It's everything you need to enjoy kayaking with friends or solo.



 Hobie Quest Sit-on-top kayak

 The ancient Inuits called their skinned craft “kayaks”, or “hunter’s boats.” But had they seen a Hobie Quest, they would have added “fishermen.” This innovative model (patent pending) incorporates a quick, stable hull with a deluxe cockpit design featuring two roomy hatches, twin rod holders and plenty of space for tackle and gear. Regardless of what you’re fishing for, the Quest will put the ultimate angling experience within your reach.


Hobie Maui Kid's kayak sit-on-top 

When it comes to mobility on land or on the water, nothing stacks up to the Hobie Maui. Here’s a high-performance boat that stacks conveniently for easy storage in the garage, car-top or even on the boat deck. Stable, fast, perfect for diving, fishing or just cruising , the Maui is the perfect take-anywhere, go-anywhere boat.  



Hobie Inflatable Kayak  pedal drive i12S

Presenting the all new i-Series—combining the Hobie MirageDrive within an innovative hull—its patent pending design will redefine how the world views inflatable kayaks. This 12 foot single is perfect for those who are short on room and storage. It packs nicely within its own rolling travel bag, so it can fit in the trunk of your car, on your boat, in your RV—you can even take it on the plane for your next vacation (airline charges may apply). Optional accessories include; a Sail Package, Cup Holder, Rod/Accessory Holder and Plug-in Cart.


i14t inflatable pedal kayak hobie mirage

The " i14T" is the latest in Hobie's new line of 2-person inflatable tandem kayaks that can be pedalled or paddled.  Using Hobie's patented Mirage Drive pedal system for propulsion, this is one inflatable kayak that won't be deterred by windy days.  


Hobie Adventure Island pedal kayak mirage

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, a 16' Trimaran "Sail/yak" that incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDrive into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water. Here are the features that make the Adventure Island so special:

  • A boomless, roller-furling sail rig similar to the rig on the Hobie Bravo with plenty of sail area for excellent performance, completely manageable from the cockpit with the pull of a line.
  • Two retractable amas that fold up against the side of the boat, again with the simple pull of a line, for easy docking, maneuverability, and transport.
  • The cockpit is the stable platform of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Kayak, offering full versatility as a pedaling kayak when conditions are not convenient for sailing. All 2007 model year Adventure Kayaks, including the Fish model, will have inserts molded into the hulls so that they may be upgraded to an Adventure Island with a kit available through the Parts Department. The ama colors will be limited, and the Adventure Island will cost more when purchased via an upgrade kit rather than purchased initially as a complete boat package.
  • The Hobie Mirage Drive allows the boat to be pedaled while under sail, or simply pedaled with the sail furled for versatility not found in any other sailboat.
  • The Adventure Island is loaded with additional standard features such as a daggerboard; oversized "Twist and Stow" rudder; Mast and Sail Cover; and an Ama/Daggerboard Bag.
  • The Adventure Island will be offered in two color packages: Golden Papaya and Red Hibiscus. Both options include beautifully color-coordinated sails.